Hospital Care

Hospital Care Provided By:

St. Bernardine’s Medical Center
2101 N. Waterman Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92404
(909) 883-8711


Redlands Community Hospital
350 Terracina Blvd.
Redlands, CA 92373
(909) 335-5500

Pinnacle Medical Group uses a Hospitalist Program to increase the availability of physicians to Pinnacle patients within the hospital. A Hospitalist will be available to see you as many times a day as your condition requires during your stay at the hospital.

The Hospitalist Program covers those patients in the hospital requiring general medical care for problems such as pneumonia, congestive heart failure, heart attacks, and strokes. If you require surgery, the surgeon will be your primary hospital doctor. But, if your surgeon requests a medical consultation, the Hospitalist will also see you. The Hospitalist will also facilitate consultations with other specialties, such as cardiology or neurology if medically necessary.

The Hospitalist and your Pinnacle physician will be in contact at the time of admission to the hospital, throughout your hospital stay, and at the time of your discharge. Detailed summaries of your hospitalization, changes and updates, will be prepared and added to your permanent clinic record within 24 hours.

The increased availability of physicians in the hospital means increased communication with nurses, therapists, radiology staff, discharge planners, emergency room physicians, and other consulting physicians. The hospital and our physicians are confident this increased communication will enhance your care.

The availability of a Hospitalist also means more communication opportunities for you and your family to discuss any concerns you may have about your progress. This communication does not replace the communication between you and your Pinnacle physician. Your primary care physician is responsible for your care over the long term, and it is important to maintain ongoing and regular communication about your health care. Be assured your Pinnacle physician will be kept in the communications loop with the Hospitalist.

The Hospitalist is there to concentrate on and follow your care in the hospital, monitor your progress, and facilitate discharge planning. Another important benefit of the Hospitalist Program is improved access to your Pinnacle physician during normal office hours. Pinnacle physicians will have additional appointment times because they will spend less time doing routine visits at the hospital.